Postback Documentation

Your polls list code

<iframe src=" username)&uname=enter_user_client_userid" style="width:100%;max-width:800px;height:1000px;overflow-y:scroll;border:none;"></iframe>

How does it work?

The postback URL is called once the user votes and you get credited for the vote. Empty postback code:

	$secret_key = 'your_secret_key'; //Enter_your_secret_key
	$credit_user = $_POST['post_user']; //Username passed to the server
	$secret = $_POST['post_secret']; 
	$poll_id = $_POST['poll_id']; //Unique Poll ID
	$amount = $_POST['amount']; //Amount to be credited (based on the percentage given)
		//Enter your commands here
		echo "Message for your users"; //This message will be displayed after your users vote.

How to Implement on your site

  1. For single polls

    Get your unique poll link. It looks like
    The username will be provided back to you in the postback. you can access it from the variable

    For full polls in your list (like offer walls)

    Get your wall code from the top of this page and enter required details (Details that need to be edited are highlighted in the code). Then paste the code on your site where you want to show the wall.

  2. Edit the postbackback file to add your secret key and commands.
  3. Let your users vote on your poll
  4. The postback will be called each time you get credited from the vote.

Postback Variables